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A.S.T.A. piante is addressed to green's like Architets, Landscapers, Nurseriers, Gardens centre.

A.S.T.A. Piante  is located in Pistoia, in the heart of Tuscany, where thanks to an exceptional mix of soil and climate, but especially through the use of modern methods of production and updates, we can have plants of excellen quality. This is  the reason why this district is known as the Capital of the nurseries.

Our company has been operating in the nurseries sector for more than 30 years.
Respecting the Pistoia nursery tradition, we are constantly updating with what the market demands.
We produce plants in a container and in the field. We have a wide range of products, a visit to our nurseries is always welcome. We think that spending a bit of your time to see what we are growing and what we can provide, it will help you understand better how we work.
We are waiting for you.
Moreover, the collaboration we have for many years with selected production nurseries allows us to provide a wide assortment to satisfy your requirements.

In recents years, we have developed our company by taking care of more and more our customers.
If you want to choose directly the plants in the nurseriers, we 'll pick you up at the airport and we 'll arrange your stay in Pistoia.
You can choose the plants that you like, mark them and we'll reserve them for you until the time of delivery.

We  haven't a minimum order, so it doesn't matter to take full lorries. We are able  to deliver partial shipments with small quantities.
For any enquires  don't hesitate to contact us.

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